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CCNA 4 - Final Exam

1.Refer to the exhibit. A pre-sales system engineer receives a diagram of the current network WAN connectivity from a customer. EIGRP is the routing protocol used on the WAN. Based on the default operation of EIGRP, which statement is true about the routing table on router R1?
#There is a single route to the LAN via the use of the Metro Ethernet connection.

A new host needs to be connected to VLAN 1. Router RA is attached to
the VTP trunk and configured as shown in the output contained in the
graphic. Which of the following IP addresses should be assigned to this
new host?

# /28

Refer to the exhibit. A NetworkingCompany designer is reviewing a
diagram of a customer network. What two risks or issues can be
identified in the topology that is shown? (Choose two.)
#The firewall router and ISP connection represent a single point of failure.
#A failure of the switch that connects the Cisco Call Manager to the network will cause the entire IP telephony system to fail.

An engineer who is part of a sales team has been asked to select
technologies and equipment capabilities to meet the network requirements
of the prospective client. The engineer is also responsible for
diagramming the placement and interconnection of various network devices
and services. Which role is this engineer performing?
#pre-sales engineer

Refer to the exhibit. Two network engineers are setting up a prototype
network to test a new Frame Relay network design. One of the engineers
connects the cables and powers up all of the devices per the test plan.
The second engineer uses a console cable to connect to the BR1 router,
configures the Frame Relay connection and issues a show interfaces
serial 2/0 command. What does the output of this command indicate to the
#The cable that connects BR1 to FR2 may not be correct or is not connected properly.

After an administrator installs a WIC into a two-slot router and issues
the show version command, the newly installed interfaces in the WIC
cannot be seen in the router output. What is a possible reason why the
newly installed interfaces are not displayed in the router output?
#The show version command cannot be used to validate the presence of installed interfaces.

7. Refer to the exhibit. What can be concluded from the output that is shown?
#Device 3750-24_IDF2 is running Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(25)SEE2.

Refer to the exhibit. A network technician is performing an initial
installation of a new switch in the east wing. The technician removes
the switch from the box, connects the switch to a router that supports
the network, and adds the configuration that is shown.
The technician notifies the network administrator that the switch has
been installed. The network administrator then attempts to telnet to the
switch from host to complete the switch configuration. What
are the results of this attempt to telnet?
#The network administrator is prompted to login.

A NetworkingCompany customer is interested in creating an e-commerce
business, which includes a network upgrade and the addition of a new
server farm. By offering their products on the web, the company expects
to increase revenue and reduce wait times to process orders. The network
designer proposes to implement the server farm in a new data center and
to add a new T1 circuit to handle the expected traffic. What are two
business goals of the NetworkingCompany customer? (Choose two.)
#increase revenue
#reduce wait times to process orders

Refer to the exhibit. To demonstrate the importance of using contiguous
IP addressing in a hierarchical network design, a network designer
configures a prototype network with the use of a network simulator.
Which EIGRP configuration commands should the designer enter on router
R1 to correctly advertise a single summary route to router BR1 for the
campus LAN?

11. What makes the Cisco EasyVPN application a useful tool for VPN implementation?
#It simplifies the configuration tasks for the device that is used as the VPN server.

A local car dealership recently purchased an automobile financing
company. The owner of the dealership issues a contract to
NetworkingCompany to integrate the finance company network into the car
dealership network. A router in the existing finance company network
requires a password for both Telnet and console access, but no one
remembers the passwords. What can the NetworkingCompany network
technician do to obtain or change the passwords and gain access to the
#Connect a console cable to the
router, power cycle the router, issue a Ctrl-Break to enter ROM monitor
mode, and change the configuration register to bypass the startup

13. A network administrator is
troubleshooting connectivity problems on a small IPv6 network that
consists of two network segments that are connected by a single router.
The administrator can ping the IP addresses of local hosts on each
segment from the router. Hosts on one network segment cannot
successfully ping the IP addresses of hosts on the other network
segment. What is the most likely cause of the connectivity problem
between the segments?
#IPv6 traffic forwarding not configured on the router

At the distribution layer of a hierarchical network, what are two
advantages of using Layer 3 devices instead of Layer 2 switches? (Choose
#reduces the complexity of STP configurations
#enables traffic filtering based on subnet addresses

A NetworkingCompany engineer is on a support call resolving technical
problems for a client network. After the issue is resolved, the engineer
also provides a training session for the client's network support
staff. Which position on the networking company team is this engineer
#post-sales field engineer

16. What is the main purpose of the access layer in a hierarchically designed network?
#serve as a network connection point for end-user devices

A router has been removed from the network for maintenance. A new Cisco
IOS software image has been successfully downloaded to a server and
copied into the flash of the router. What should be done before placing
the router back into service?
#Restart the router and verify that the new image starts successfully.

A NetworkingCompany customer requires VPN connectivity for workers who
must travel frequently. To support the VPN server, the customer router
must be upgraded to a new Cisco IOS software version with the Advanced
IP Services feature set. What should the field engineer do before
copying the new IOS to the router?
the show version and the show flash commands to ensure that the router
has enough memory and file space to support the new IOS image.

The main office of a NetworkingCompany customer currently connects to
three branch offices via three separate point-to-point T1 circuits. The
customer network uses RIPv2 as the routing protocol within both the LAN
and the WAN. The account manager proposes a change to a Frame Relay
network because the costs are lower. A single local loop connection can
be installed at the main office with three separate PVCs to connect the
branch offices. How can the main office edge router be configured to
enable the customer to continue to use RIP as the WAN routing protocol?
three separate point-to-point subinterfaces on the serial interface and
assign a different subnet IP address to each one.

20. A
high school uses a fractional T1 for Internet access. Wireless network
access is provided in approximately 30 percent of the physical campus.
Tests performed recently by the IT administrators indicate that the T1
circuit is operating at full capacity. The school district IT design
team is asked to propose a network upgrade plan to address two business
1. Provide wireless network connectivity for students in 90 percent of the physical campus.
2. Improve Internet access for all students and faculty.
design team proposes to upgrade the memory of the core router that is
connected to the ISP and to purchase additional wireless access points.
What can be concluded about the proposal that is presented by the design team?
#The proposal addresses only the goal to increase the wireless coverage.

Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator is configuring the port
security feature on switch SWC. The administrator issued the command
show port-security interface fa 0/2 to verify the configuration. What
can be concluded from the output that is shown? (Choose three.)
#There is no device currently connected to this port.
#Security violations will cause this port to shut down immediately.

22. What are two advantages of using a simulation tool to test an IP addressing scheme? (Choose two.)
#An engineer can test physical security without leaving the office or lab.
#The addressing scheme can be tested for scalability.

Refer to the exhibit. A field engineer is called into a customer's
office to determine a problem with connectivity in the network. Based on
the customer's IP addressing scheme, what is causing the problem?
#The WAN that connects R1 to R2 overlaps with the R3 LAN.

A new WIC is installed in an available router slot. At what point
during the router startup process does the router test the card for
hardware problems?
#during the power-on self-test (POST)

Refer to the exhibit. A NetworkingCompany engineer is characterizing an
existing network for a new customer. The engineer issues a show run
command on the branch router to gather configuration information. What
is the engineer able to determine as a result of viewing the output of
this command?
#The branch office router has two routes to the main office LAN in the routing table.

A configuration file needs to be loaded into the RAM of a router from a
TFTP server. What should an administrator know before accomplishing
this task?
#the TFTP server IP address and the name of the configuration file on the server

A network designer must select a routing protocol for the network of a
customer. The currently installed network contains both Cisco and
non-Cisco routers, and there is no budget to replace them. The designer
plans on implementing both VLSM and route summarization in the new
network design. Which two protocols can provide the necessary
functionality for this LAN? (Choose two.)

Which two weaknesses in a proposed network design can be identified by
setting up a prototype network and performing tests on it? (Choose two.)
#costs of the proposed equipment exceed the customer budget
#potential points of failure that are critical to the network

A user in a large office calls tech support to complain that the PC no
longer connects to the Internet or to any network resources, but seems
otherwise normal. The help desk technician asks the caller to talk to
nearby users to see if other machines are affected. After a few minutes,
the caller reports that several immediate neighbors have the same
problem, but those seated further away do not. Assuming that the
description is accurate, what should be checked next?
#workgroup switch in the telecommunications room

30. Which of the following are characteristics of the core layer of the hierarchical network design model? (Choose three.)
#redundant paths

A network designer needs to perform prototype testing on a multisite
network design to verify that failure domains are not larger than
specified in the proposal. What would be the most efficient way to
conduct this test?
#Delete devices or links in simulation software and ping from each host to all other hosts.

A customer has asked a network engineer to prototype the new IP
addressing and summarization strategy for a large, multisite network
implementation. Which tool is appropriate for testing the complete
addressing scheme?
#network simulation tool

During a review of the proposed bill of materials, the
NetworkingCompany account manager realizes that the systems engineer
included a lower cost, less capable switch model for the access layer
connectivity than was specified by the network designer. When
questioned, the systems engineer responds that the switches recommended
by the designer cannot be purchased within the budget limitations of the
customer. Which action should the account manager take?
#Communicate any risks associated with the equipment substitution and obtain customer approval to proceed.

34. Refer to the exhibit. What is the spanning-tree role of all the enabled interfaces of SW11?

After performing a password recovery operation on a router, the network
field engineer copies the running configuration to the startup
configuration and then reloads the router. The router boots successfully
but immediately enters the setup mode. The engineer manually loads the
startup configuration using the copy start run command and verifies that
the configuration is correct and the passwords are reset. What can
cause the router to enter setup mode rather than load the correct
startup configuration file?
#The configuration register setting was not changed back to the correct value before the router was reloaded.

An HWIC-4ESW, four-port switch module needs to be installed in a Cisco
1841 router that currently has a WIC-2T module in slot 0. What should
the network technician do first?
#Turn off power to the router before installing the new module.

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the EIGRP configuration that is shown,
what can the field engineer conclude about the EIGRP authentication
between RouterA and RouterB?
#Authentication will succeed and EIGRP updates can be exchanged.

Refer to the exhibit. Following a test plan, the network systems
engineer completes the configuration of an access layer switch and
connects three PCs to test the configuration. The engineer attempts to
ping from each PC to the other connected PCs. Which three statements
describe the expected results of pinging from one host to another?
(Choose three.)
#Host1 cannot ping Host2.
#Host1 can ping Host3.
#Host2 cannot ping Host3.

39. Refer to the exhibit. The two switches that are shown will not form a trunk. What is the most likely cause of this problem?
#Both ports are set to dynamic auto.

During prototype testing, the network designer performs a test to
determine the ability of the network to recover from a link or device
failure. Which design goal is validated if the test is a success?

41. What are two suggested best practices to implement when securing network devices? (Choose two.)
#Disable unused ports on switches.
#Enable SSH and disable Telnet.

Refer to the exhibit. What does the JAX router do with traffic that is
destined for a web server with an IP address of
#The traffic is sent out Serial 0/0/0.

When should a network designer specify that a dedicated firewall
appliance be used at the perimeter of the network rather than a router
with a Cisco IOS software-based firewall feature set?
#The network is large in size and network traffic can overload the device.

44. Which two events occur when the command RTA(config)# frame-relay map ip 22 is issued on a router? (Choose two.)
#A Layer 2 address is statically mapped to a Layer 3 address.
#RTA uses DLCI 22 to forward data to

Refer to the exhibit. When creating an extended ACL to deny traffic
from the network destined for the Web server, where is the best location for applying the ACL?
#R3 Fa0/0 inbound

46. Why would a designer choose a flat network over a hierarchical network design?
#to keep costs low in small networks

47. Refer to the exhibit. What does the status in the output indicate about the DLCI?
#The switch has the DLCI configured but it is not usable by this router.

The network designer recommends using RSTP in the design of a new data
center. There are multiple redundant Layer 2 switches and links
contained in the new design. What is the benefit of using RSTP in this
situation over standard STP?
#Spanning Tree convergence times are reduced.

A network administrator wants to load a configuration file from a TFTP
server into NVRAM on a router. How should the administrator create a
startup-config file in NVRAM that matches the contents of the
configuration file on the TFTP server?
the configuration file to the command line of the router while in
global configuration mode. Then issue the copy startup-config
running-config command.

50. What can be broadcast over the
wireless network to help a guest user conveniently log in to the
network and use wireless services?

51. Which two options are true about discontiguous networks? (Choose two.)
#The routing problems of discontiguous subnetworks can be resolved easily by using the RIPv2 default configuration.
#Automatic route summarization can cause problems in a network with discontiguous subnets.

Refer to the exhibit. A network associate is configuring a new router
to provide routing between VLANs. The associate removes the router from
the box and connects the Fa0/0 interface to a trunking port on the
switch. After the configuration is applied to the router, the traffic
between VLANs still fails. What is causing this to occur?
#The subinterfaces of the NWRnStick router should have IP addresses applied.

A company has an IT staff that is not highly trained. What two features
or technologies must the network designer identify as training needs in
order for the staff to understand the basic operation of VPNs? (Choose
#encryption algorithms
#tunneling protocols

54. Which statement is true about implementing QoS in a network?
#Voice traffic requires priority over other data traffic because it is sensitive to delays.

55. Which three enhancements does IPv6 offer over IPv4? (Choose three.)
#integrated IP mobility support
#simplified header information

#eliminates the need to implement DHCP

Refer to the exhibit. What happens if the network administrator issues
the commands shown when an ACL called Managers already exists on the
#The commands are added at the end of the Managers ACL that is already on the router.

A technician is configuring a router for routing using EIGRP. The
technician enters the EIGRP router configuration mode command:
#It enables unequal cost load balancing.

A small bookstore would like to offer wireless connectivity for
customers with laptops. Which wireless components or devices will
provide connectivity to the customers with the least possible cost to
the bookstore?
#standalone lightweight access points