Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

CCNA 4 - Chapter 1

1 What are two mechanisms that provide redundancy for server farm
implementations? (Choose two.)
#Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
#Hot Standby Routing Protocol

2 The ability to connect securely to a private network over a public network is
provided by which WAN technology?

3 Which three statements describe the functions of the Cisco hierarchical network
design model? (Choose three.)
#The distribution layer is responsible for traffic filtering and isolating failures from
the core.
#Two goals of the core layer are 100 percent uptime and maximizing throughput.
The access layer provides a means of connecting end devices to the network.

4 A network designer is creating a new network. The design must offer enough
redundancy to provide protection against a single link or device failure, yet must not be too
complex or expensive to implement. What topology would fill these needs?
#partial mesh

5 Refer to the exhibit. If the firewall module has been correctly configured using best practices for
network security, which statement is true about the security design for the network?
#Servers in the DMZ are protected from internal and external attacks.

6 Which statement is true about a DMZ in a traditional network firewall design?
#Servers in the DMZ provide limited information that can be accessed from external networks.

7 download and upload documents on the network file server. What network connection would be
most cost efficient while still meeting the security and connectivity needs of this teleworker?
#DSL VPN connection with a dialup backup link

8 Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator creates a standard access control list to prohibit
traffic from the network from reaching the network while still
permitting Internet access for all networks. On which router interface and in which direction
should it be applied?
#interface fa0/1, outbound

9 Refer to the exhibit. The server broadcasts an ARP request for the MAC address of its default
gateway. If STP is not enabled, what is the result of this ARP request?
#Switch_A and Switch_B continuously flood the message onto the network.

10 What are two best practices in wireless LAN design to ensure secure wireless
access to the corporate network? (Choose two.)
#Use a separate WLAN for employees.
#Configure WPA.

11 In a well-designed, high-availability network, which device significantly affects the
most users if a failure occurs?
#small workgroup switch in the network access layer

12 Which two statements are true regarding network convergence? (Choose two.)
#In a large network, using the EIGRP or OSPF routing protocols rather than RIPv2 may
improve convergence time.

#Route summarization improves convergence time by minimizing the size of the routing

13 Centralizing servers in a data center server farm can provide which benefit over a
distributed server environment?
#It is easier to filter and prioritize traffic to and from the data center.

14 Refer to the exhibit. What effect does the ACL shown have on network traffic, assuming that it is
correctly applied to the interface?
#All Telnet traffic from the network to any destination is denied.

15 Which Cisco IOS function can be configured at the distribution layer to filter
unwanted traffic and provide traffic management?
#access control lists

16 What kind of ACL inspects outbound UDP, TCP, and ICMP traffic and allows
inbound access only to traffic that belongs to these established sessions?
#reflexive ACL

17 Which three functions are performed at the distribution layer of the hierarchical
network model? (Choose three.)
#Summarizing routes from the access layer
#Isolating network problems to prevent them from affecting the core layer
#Utilizing redundant links for load balancing to increase available bandwidth

18 Refer to the exhibit. Which two devices are part of the access design layer? (Choose two.)

19 What is true about implementing a centralized server farm topology?
#Provides defined entry and exit points so that filtering and securing traffic is easier

20 Refer to the exhibit. What happens when Host 1 attempts to send data?
#Frames from Host 1 cause the interface to shut down, and a log message is sent.

21 Which two considerations are valid when designing access layer security?(Choose two.)
#SSH is more secure than Telnet to administer network devices.
#Disabling unused ports on the switches helps prevent unauthorized access to the network.

22 What address can be used to summarize only networks,,, and

23 Which two items in a physical WLAN design can be identified through a site survey? (Choose two.)
#the types of antennas that are required
#the access point hardware that is required

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements correctly describe the
benefits of the network access layer design that is shown? (Choose two.)
#If host A sends a broadcast message, only hosts in VLAN10 receive the broadcast frame.
#Segmenting all voice traffic on a separate VLAN facilitates the implementation of QoS.

25 What are three ways to ensure that an unwanted user does not connect to a wireless network and view the data? (Choose three.)
#Disable SSID broadcasting.
#Use authentication between clients and the wireless device.
#Configure strong encryption such as WPA.