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CCNA 4 - Chapter 6

1 A network engineer researched whether there are mechanisms available to help with the transition from an IPv4 addressing structure to IPv6. What three options did the engineer find?(Choose three.)

#A protocol translation mechanism allows communication between the IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

#A dual-stack network design allows both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing to be used on all network devices.

#Tunneling allows IPv4 packets to be encapsulated so that they can traverse IPv6 networks and vice versa.

When should the command no auto-summary be used?
#with RIP version 2, when discontigous networks exist

3 Refer
to the exhibit. What must an administrator do on R3 to ensure that
update packets are sent with subnet mask information?

#Add the commands:

R3(config-router)# version 2

R3(config-router)# no auto-summary

4 What best describes a discontiguous network?
#separated from the rest of the hierarchical group by another network

5 Refer
to the exhibit. A company has decided to add a new workgroup. If the
subnetting scheme for the network uses contiguous blocks of
addresses, what subnet is assigned to WGROUP3?


6 A
network administrator is using the network for the company.
The administrator must create a masking scheme to support 750 users
at the main office and 620 users at the remote

office. What mask should be assigned to the network to preserve the most addresses?


7 What is another format for the IPv6 address 1080:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:1267:01A2?


8 How many bits make up an IPv6 address?


9 After
activating IPv6 traffic forwarding, configuring IPv6 addresses, and
globally configure RIPng, what is the remaining step to activate

#Enter the interface mode for each IPv6 interface and enable RIPng with the ipv6 rip name enable command.

10 Refer
to the exhibit. The IT management has determined that the new subnet
for WGROUP3 needs to be broken down into four more subnets. What
would the subnet mask be for the four newly created subnets within


11 Refer to the exhibit. What is the first usable IP address that can be assigned to the WGROUP3 switch?


12 Refer
to the exhibit. Which set of router commands is required to turn on
unequal-cost load sharing so that RTRA selects the path A-B-E and
the lowest cost path A-C-E to the Internet?

#RTRA(config)# router eigrp 1

RTRA(config-router)# variance 2

13 Refer
to the exhibit. Assuming that the default EIGRP configuration is
running on both routers, which statement is true about Router A
reaching the network?

#The no auto-summary command needs to be issued to disable automatic summarization.

14 Refer
to the exhibit. The network administrator wants router RTA to send only
the summarized route of to RTC. Which configuration
accomplishes this?

#RTA(config)# interface s0/1

RTA(config-if)# ip summary-address eigrp 101

RTA(config-if)# exit

RTA(config)# router eigrp 101

RTA(config-router)# no auto-summary

15 What is a good design practice when developing a hierarchical addressing scheme?

#Determine where statically configured addressing will be implemented.

16 A
network administrator is asked to design a new addressing scheme for a
corporate network. Presently, there are 850 users at the head
office, 220 users at sales, 425 at manufacturing, and

at the research site. Which statement defines the correct VLSM
addressing map with minimal waste using the network?

# head office manufacturing sales research

16 How would the routes for networks,, and be summarized?


17 What two advantages does CIDR provide to a network? (Choose two.)

#reduced routing update traffic

#easier management of summarization

18 Which statement describes MD5 authentication for neighbor authentication?

#All passwords are sent in clear text when neighbors first learn about each other.

19 Refer to the exhibit. What are the broadcast addresses for each subnet?

#Admin -

QA -

Development -

Sales -

20 Refer
to the exhibit. The IT management is adding three VLANs to the wgroup3
switch. The current subnet will be broken down to support 14 hosts
for each of the new VLANs. What will the new subnet mask be for
these VLANs?


21 An administrator is configuring IPv6 on a router. The steps that have already been completed are:

1. Activate IPv6 traffic forwarding.

2. Configure IPv6 addresses.

3. Globally configure RIPng.

What is the remaining step to complete the activation of RIPng?

#Enter the interface mode for each IPv6 interface and enable RIPng with the ipv6 rip name enable command.

22 Which range includes all available networks in the network? -

23 Which two are best practices for creating a new IP addressing

scheme for a network? (Choose two.)

#Plan and allow for significant growth.

#Plan the entire addressing scheme before assigning any addresses.

24 Refer to the exhibit. Which subnet will provide sufficient addresses for the Production network with minimal waste?


25 A network designer is implementing a new network for a company. The designer is using all new Cisco equipment and has decided to select a hierarchical routing protocol for the network. The designer wishes to minimize traffic from routing

updates but also needs fast routing convergence in the event of a topology change. Also, the existing IP addressing scheme requires that the selected protocol support VLSM. Which routing protocol should be chosen?